Establishing Your Business

Establishing your business from the inside out! Socially Established, LLC offers a range of business services to help the experienced business owners, the new entrepreneur, and all those in between. There is something for everyone. Remember, you were never meant to manage everything on your own. Below is a list of our services. Don't see what you need? Feel free to click the link to contact us: contact us  

Business Development Services 

Establish your business from the inside out! Click here to check out our business development services.

Business Development Services are available:

Business Formation & Structuring: LLC, Fictitious name.

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Business Consulting: 

Want to start a business and need some guidance? Let's talk!

Conference Call: (Phone) Prices are before tax

Virtual-Google Meet:

In-person: Prices are before tax

Group Consulting or Group Coaching is available! - Contact 

(To book a consultation, a $25 deposit is required. The remaining balance must be paid before the consultation).

Virtual Assistant Services

You were never meant to manage everything. Click here to learn about our virtual assistant services.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant alleviates entrepreneurs from completing certain administrative tasks, while working from a remote place. The duties a virtual assistant can perform ranges from administrative to technical, depending on the needs of the client. Need a VA? 

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Pricing, Payments, and Fees

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Pricing: ALL PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. The displayed pricing reflects Entrepreneurs and Small Business prices. Prices will vary for services rendered to Corporate businesses. 

Method of Payment: All payments can be made via credit or debt card . CASH and CHECKS are not accepted.

Recurring Payments: All recurring payments and subscriptions plans are set for automatic debit from a credit or debit card . CASH and CHECKS are not accepted.

Late Payments: All payments that are not paid by the payment due date, will result in $25 late fee. 

Convenience Fee: a $15 convenience fee will be applied to alternative methods of payment (ACH bank draft, invoice, Cash App, etc.)

Service Restoration Fee: For services that have been cancelled due to non-payment or payment issues will result in a $50 restoration fee before services are we reactivated.

Decline Payment Fee: A $35 fee will be applied for any payment that is declined during payment processing.

Change in Service Fee: a $25 fee will be applied for a change in service request prior to 3 months of receiving service.

Terms and Conditions 

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Privacy Notice: You privacy is important to us. View our privacy notice  

Service Agreement: All social media packages are subject to a three or six month service agreement. 

Website Agreement- Websites are subject to a website agreement. Once website is  completed, client will have 5 days to review their site. All edit request must be made by the third day via Website Edit Request Form 

Website Management- Website management is solely handled by Socially Established, LLC and its managing members. Clients will not have management access to their websites nor will any third parties. For future website management, clients will need to purchase website management services.