The Socially Established  Experience

How We Started

Socially Established LLC, was created in 2012 by LaSheena Renee McBride who is a business and health care professional.  During the time, the business was named Specially Chosen Designs and focused on website and social media development. LaSheena has always been very administrative and could see the needs of entrepreneurs along with the areas that need improvement. However, LaSheena knew there were areas she needed to develop and continue improve within herself. Therefore, Ms. McBride decided to paused the business to allow herself focus on self-development, self improvement, and self-care.  Ms. McBride knew making the necessary time to develop herself would result in her becoming better in business and beyond.


SAME BUSINESS. SAME PURPOSE. NEW NAME! Socially Established, LLC has been helping entrepreneurs and small business owners since 2012.  The business was known as Specially Chosen Designs. After years of self-development, self-improvement , and implementing self-care,  the CEO knew it was time to restart what she original established. In April, 2021, the business was rebranded and changed its name. The name "Socially Established"  rightfully defines the current purpose, which is to establish the social media and business needs of entrepreneurs and small businesses. In addition, with rebranding, more services have also been added to further help our clients such as entrepreneurial coaching.

Social Media Management is a Necessity

You need Social Media Management if:

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