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Establishing What Entrepreneurs Need!  Socially Established, LLC (formerly known as Specially Chosen Designs), is a social media and  business management company that focuses on helping entrepreneurs establish what they need. Socially Established , LLC offers social media management and business administrative services to entrepreneurs and small businesses. Socially Established was created to help entrepreneurs and small businesses from certain administrative task and from the task of  establishing their online presence. We aim to ease their mind and lighten their load by helping to develop their business and strengthening their social media presence for them. This is accomplished by implementing different business administrative services along with creating content to share across their various social media platforms. Doing so can promote brand awareness, showcase products, or services they offer.

Having a social media presence and building brand awareness are very important to any business owner. Entrepreneurs and small business owners have multiple task to complete everyday. In addition, it is also important for them to establish their business in person while interacting with their clients/customers on a regular basis. Socially Established believes entrepreneurs should not have to choose between doing the two; therefore, we offer a variety of services to aid in the process of them establishing their business, strengthen their social media presence, building brand awareness, and develop a strategy how to meet their social media and business development goals.